Swift Minds of The Darkside

by Queensway

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Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Len Carmichael at Landmine Studios
Album art by Chad Lawson


released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Queensway Baltimore, Maryland


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Track Name: Fuel for The Darkest Man
1. Flames from the righteous will burn the unjust
Wealthy men are worthless
Their piles of coin turn to rust

Bloodlust. Unquenched greed. Avarice
Fuel for the darkest man

Foundations built on bone and blood
Unholy bloodlust.
Unquenched greed. Avarice
Fuel for the darkest man

Bloodlust. unquenched greed. Avarice. Fuel for the darkest man.

Permanent people scratching at temporary scalps.
An ethereal appetite that cant be satiated
Track Name: Trenchknife
A wish born from despair
A wish to obliterate your life; returning everything to nothing
The sword of destruction
I caste down upon you
My bare hands beg for blood
God like appetite for destruction

These hands see how quickly I put them on you. Better bring back up. I am the one who decides your fate. Weak men. Bow to me.

Feeble and weak. My trenchknife will make you see.

I won't let you stop me
Track Name: Return to Dirt

Everyday is like an open wound I wake wishing I hadn't, hoping my body was consumed I'm sick of living life in my head if I feel trapped every time I lay alone in bed

Return to dirt
Bury my head
Return to dirt
Slash the wrist

I'm at war with my conciseness my mind is becoming a void just a shell a vacant lot turned black displaying every weakness and pressure crack

Everyday feels like constant abuse a viscous cycle I can't escape
I'm on the edge willing to throw it all in
Return to dirt by putting that nail in my coffin
Track Name: Swift Minds of The Darkside
Thoughts plague the mind of a man who always had to struggle to survive
Never taken a life
Prophecy cometh; Born to die

Sentenced from birth
Product of his curse

Big man with the world in his hands and a 9 in the glove box. Too far gone, no going back. Plan the attack
Swift minds of the Darkside

Swiftly does the round leave the chamber
Only a moment but the memory lingers

Again.. and again

Innocent lost
Redemption unfound
Pure hatred

Swiftly does the round leave the chamber. Playing god; Internal war. Simple lust and a means to an end. Swiftly does the round leave the chamber
Track Name: Violent Breed
What would you do with a strap in your hand? Inflated feelings unshaken
Power of God: intentions of man
Could you live with a body count?
When the dead come knocking would you run?
What's it like being haunted by the things you've done

Violence breeds violence

This feeling. Ultimate power.

I'd rather swallow razors than to ever repent. Fallen from grace. From heaven I descended
Track Name: I.N.L.
Serenity slips
From my grip I can't uphold this mortal skin
Another day living in hatred
Terror beyond belief
Time dont love me
I crave the cradle of that cold steel
I don't know why I'm obsessed with my own demise

Too sick to dream
The stars aline and laugh at me
Time dont love me
Delusions of peace don't follow me

The charmed city has got me....